A Revolutionary Tool for  Athletes

The vast majority of free weight room exercises that athletes perform involve moving their body or the weight up and down in the vertical plane of motion.  There are very few ways to incorporate horizontally directed free weight and omnidirectional movements in the plane where most sports are played.  Developing strength in those body positions and angles needed to gain leverage to resist an opponent or to decelerate your own body has been the missing link. 

The benefits of squats, bench presses definitely have an important place in any program but there is a need for athletes to perform exercises that translate the strength gains made from these primary lifts into the horizontal plane and help improve athleticism.  Research continues to show that force development in terms of sports performance is very directional specific.  Squats alone to do not translate to speed development and acceleration.        

This is where the Henny comes in as it allows athletes to now train strength and power in the horizontal plane using a fee and omnidirectional load in the weight room using the same weight equipment (barbells, plates etc) that is already available in most gyms.  A transformer to athleticism!  

And a better middle ground option between Standard Free Weights and Fixed Machines for All Demographics

Current steel machine equipment is forced into a fixed movement path that is dictated by the design of the machine or directional pull of the steel cable. Free weight exercises are known to provide certain advantages for building athleticism since they require more stabilization and balance. The omnidirectional movement  of free weights is also important for people working around old injuries and other populations that seek to improve strength and balance and to maintain quality of life. Machines that lock the user into a fixed path can aggravate preexisting shoulder and back injuries because the lifter is forced into a path that does not fit their anatomy.

However, part of the reason why weight machines became popular is related to their convenience and ease of use.  They require less control and are already set-up in the targeted starting lifting position so that the user can isolate certain muscle groups and not have to struggle to move the weight into the proper starting point.

The advantage of the Henny is that the pliable nature of it's design provides a middle ground between free weights and the fixed movement nature of steel machines for weight lifting.  In other words, it does not sacrifice many of the benefits of a movement for convenience.  It maintains both.  Although the Henny provides some control throughout the range of movement, it still allows for freedom of movement in all directions and in all planes.  Like training wheels on a bike-there when needed.   

And unlike conventional free weights, where the user may have to lift the weight from the floor and move it into a proper starting postion for the movement, the Henny allows the lifter to push the barbell or dumbbell out to or near the desired starting position with much less effort and in a safer manner.