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A Revolutionary Tool for  Athletes

US PATENT 11,045,680

Improve athleticism and get stronger and more explosive in the body positions required on the field of play!  The vast majority of free weight exercises that athletes perform in the weight room involve movements only in the "vertical plane" of motion. There are very few options to incorporate "horizontally directed" free weight movements.  The Henny system now provides athletes a convenient and effective way to develop strength and stability in the actual body positions/angles that are required on the playing field.  Research continues to show that force development in terms of sports performance is very directionally specific.           

This is where our patented Henny system comes in as it allows athletes to now train strength and power in the horizontal plane using the same weight equipment (power rack, barbells, plates etc) that is already available to them.  The Henny System is the missing link in helping athletes reach their maximum speed and athletic potential!  

And  it is not just for athletes!  It also is a better middle ground  strength training option between Standard Free Weights and Fixed Machines for All Demographics  

The majority of current strength machines have 2 fundamental weaknesses when it comes to maximizing performance.  1, They force lifters into the fixed movement pattern of the machine and do not require the lifter to stabilize the load and 2, they  frequently isolate the muscles into single joint movements versus providing multiple joint movements that build coordination. The omnidirectional movement of free weight exercises is known to provide certain advantages over machines since they also improve stabilization and balance and are multiple joint in nature which are important qualities for all populations including those looking to maintain independence and to maximize their quality of life.  

The reason why fixed strength machines have become so popular over the years is related to their convenience, safety and ease of use.  They require less control and are already set-up in the targeted starting lifting position so that the lifter does not have to struggle to get the weight load (off the floor, etc) and into the proper starting point for the particular exercise.

The advantage of the Henny system however is that it provides a great middle ground between traditional free weights and the convenience of fixed strength machines.  In other words, the Henny system does not sacrifice the many benefits that come with a free weight movement for the sake of convenience.  It maintains both the performance benefits of free weights but also brings much of the convenience and safety that comes with fixed machines.   Unlike traditional free weights, where the lifter has to lift the weight into the proper starting position for the movement, the Henny allows the lifter to push the barbell or dumbbell out to the desired starting position in a safer manner and also set it at the proper height.  And like a machine, if the lifter loses control of the weight, because the Henny load is supported by straps, it won't fall on them.  The Henny combines the performance advantages of free weights and the convenience that comes with fixed strength machines!

If performance does not matter to you, there is one final reason to choose the Henny, especially for small commercial gyms and garage gym owners, and that is because the Henny system is an amazingly affordable solution that can do the work of tens of thousands of dollars worth of machines.  From glute kick backs to chest presses, to belt squats, the Henny system of attachments allows for dozens and dozens of exercises while not taking up precious square footage.  Please see the video above to get a feel for the amazing versatility that the the product brings and remember, "Henny" thing is possible"!  Thank you!

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