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My Story and Why the Henny


When I graduated from Bucknell University, I was the school’s all-time leading rusher, but NFL scouts dismissed me as being the typical small school running back, too small and too slow.  Instead of giving up on my dream to play in the NFL, I got faster, stronger, and more athletic!

Through many years of trial and error, personal research, along with the good fortune to have worked directly with some of the best speed and strength coaches in the field, I have been able to identify key movements and training methods that work.  

I have taken this knowledge and created the patented Henny power rack attachment system because it helps develop strength in the weight room that translates into speed and athleticism.  It allows athletes to train more effectively in the horizontal plane which is how we run and play sports.  We do not move straight up and down in most sports.

Combine this need with a new generation of athletes that are much more one sport focused and more sedentary than earlier generations, and you have athletes that will never reach their full athletic potential.  The weight room now more than ever has to be both a place to get stronger and to build athleticism.  The Henny helps with both. 


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