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Exercise Index

Upper Body Push

1. Split Stance Standing Press

2. Offset-load Split-stance Press

3. Single Leg Standing Press

4. Barbell Deceleration Catches

5. Close Grip Press with Foot Plate

Upper Body Pull

1. Henny Row

2. Single Leg Barbell Row

3. Face Pulls

4. Split Stance Explosive Row

Lower Body

1. Standing Kickbacks

2. Henny Reverse Lunge with Belt

and Slider

3. Launch Leg Press with Belt

4. Lateral Isometric Hold (footplate)

5. Hip Belt Resisted Step-ups

6. Yoke Bar (front loaded) Single Leg Start

with Knee Drive

7. Single Leg Yoke Bar Leg Press

(thoracic extension)

8. Leg Press with Foot Plate

Speed Training / Ballistic

1. Sprint Starts with Belt

2. Resisted Running

3. Resisted Sprinter's Start (in front of rack)

4. Depth Jump to Press

5. Split Jerk

6. Launch Press (single and double leg)

7. Explosive Split Stance Row

Metabolic Conditioning 

1. High Knee Marches

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Bear Crawls with Hip Belt

4. Henny Resisted Hops 

Injury Prehab

1. Belt Marches

2. Linear Sticks

3. Wall Slides

4. Isometric Neck Care Series

5. Terminal Knee Extension

6. Front Leg Stability with Ropes (pitcher/OH throwing athletes)

7. Posterior Sling Split Stance Row

Core / Rotational

1. Offset Load Split-Stance Press

2. Anti-Extension Plate Body Saw

3. Barbell Body Saw with Push-up

4. Standing Rotation

5. Anti-Extension Arm Walks


1.  French Curls (triceps)

2. Tricep Press (out in front of rack)

3. Reverse Grip Tricep Press

Single Arm

1. Rows 

2. Chest Press

3. Press with Foot Plate

4. Ipsilateral Coil Press

Lateral Power

1. Lateral Crossover Press

2. Back Hip Load to Rotational Drive with Hip Belt (pitching)

3. Lateral Power Push

4. Lateral Isometric Holds


1. Wall Slides

2. Overhead Shoulder Press

3. Parallel to Floor Shoulder Press

Strength Machines

1. Reverse Hyper

2. Belt Squats

3. Sled Push

4. Weighted Erg

5. Belt Squat Marches

6. Leg Press Machine

Hip Extension

1. Pull-Throughs

2. Bird Dog with Foot Plate

3. Kettle Bell Pull-Throughs

4. Standing Henny Kickbacks with Foot Plate



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