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Belt Marches

Movement: Injury Prevention, Stability

Area Targeted: ACL

Set-up: 4-10" to the ground

Quick Tips: Sit back and stay low, about 5-6 steps backwards, 5-6 controlled steps forward

Linear Sticks

Movement: Injury Prevention, Jumping Mechanics

Area Targeted: ACL

Set-up: 4-10" from the ground

Quick Tips: Sink hips and load hamstrings when landing, control weight moving forward

Wall Slides

Movement: Shoulder care

Area Targeted: Shoulder, lower trap

Set-up: 9-14" from the ground

Quick Tips: Start with elbows at side, don’t press up, rotate shoulders as hands move upwards, little force- stay close to rack

Isometric Neck Care Series

Movement: Injury Prevention

Area Targeted: Neck

Set-up: 18-26" from the ground

Quick Tips: Not meant to be strenuous or painful, come out to wherever is comfortable, have belt around forehead and rest of body tight and controlled 

Terminal Knee Extension

Front Leg Stability with Ropes (Pitcher/OH Throwing athletes)

Posterior Sling Split Stance Row

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