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Standing Kickbacks

Movements: Strength Push

Muscles Worked: Glutes, Hamstrings, hip extensors

Set-Up: 6-12” from the ground

Quick Tips: Lean upper body forward and hold onto rack, full extension of hip, knee, and ankle, do not externally rotate hip, slow and control eccentric phase

Henny Reverse Lunge with Belt and Slider

Movement: Pull Strength

Muscles Targeted: Quads, hamstrings, glutes

Set-up: 4-10" from the ground

Quick Tips: Start with strong resistance and slide back with bar still in front of rack, keep lats locked and back (can use plate or dumbbell to activate)

Launch Leg Press with Belt

Movement: Push Strength 

Muscles Worked: Quads, glutes, lats

Set-up: Bar- 28-32", belt sits at- 15-20"

Quick Tips: Place barbell on upper back and forearms into belt, place block at feet to keep in place, explode out to triple extension, control back motion

Lateral Isometric Hold with Footplate

(adding band resistance is recommended when using the footplate)


Quick Tips:  Place barbell 6-10" from ground and footplate secured onto middle of barbell.

Sink hips back as you laterally abduct with the leg on the plate and hold position isometrically.

Hip belt Resisted Step-Ups

Yoke Bar (front loaded) Single Start w/ knee drive

Sprinter's Start with Belt 

Single Leg Yoke Bar Leg Press

 (Thoracic Extension)

Quick Tips:  Place Yoke bar towards the bottom loop but rack it on the rack safety hooks.  Need to safely unrack yoke bar as you would do to perform a squat.

Key is to hold the straps and think of it as a horizontal push versus trying to push yoke bar pad up like a squat.  Push head back horizontally towards wall versus up towards ceiling.  

Muscles worked:  Posterior chain from top to bottom.  Thoracic extension.  Great for people looking to improve their rounded posture.  

Standing Kickback with Footplate (adding band resistance is recommended when using the footplate)

Leg Press with Foot Plate

(adding band resistance is recommended when using the footplate)


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