The Henny Attachment plus footplate/band strap Our patent pending the Henny Free Weight Attachment System can be attached to most power racks to allow you to perform many different athletic type strength movements with a standard barbell and plates. It does the work of multiple machines at a fraction of the cost!. The kit includes: 2 steel 1" or 5/8" diameter Henny pins, 2- 60" adjustable free swing Henny loop hinges that are designed with a maximum breaking strength of 4000 lbs! Plus 2-48"connectors and 2 heavy duty carabiners. The Henny allows you to perform over 100+ unique exercises and counting using only the standard equipment already found at most gyms! All Henny materials are made in the USA! Can be carried in your gym bag! Real strength is raw and natural and not manufactured. Modern strength training with machines has gotten too artificial with overly isolated and fixed movements-Henny is game changer! Please Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery - $15 flat rate shipping for The Henny**Make sure to choose correct Pin Size for your Power Rack**

Henny kit plus footplate/strap

Power Rack Pin Size


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