The kit includes:

(1) Footplate with strap

(1) Slantboard

(1) Henny Belt

(2) Steel 1" or 5/8" diameter Henny pins

(2) 60" adjustable free swing Henny loop hinges

(2) 48"connectors

(3) heavy duty carabiners

Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery - $15 flat rate shipping for The Henny**Make sure to choose correct Pin Size for your Power Rack** All Sales are final


The Henny Hip Belt is the toughest, most comfortable belt on the market. It allows you to load it up with heavy weight, without causing pain and bruising. It also makes the Henny Attachment more versatile by adding more exercises to the equation! Check out the Exercises tab above for more ideas during your workouts!


The Henny Slant Board allows the user to engage in explosive workouts. The Henny Launch Press is an exercise that uses the Slant Board to explode the weight up with a full body movement. Anyone who is looking to build explosive strength needs the slant board. It is a game changer for building speed, strength, and power!


The Henny Attachment is the perfect piece of Gym Equipment for any type of Gym. Whether you are at a commercial gym, in your garage gym, or an outdoor gym, the Henny will bring your weight lifting to the next level. Home Gyms can use it to add over 50 exercises to their workout arsenal without compromising precious storage space. The Henny is made with premium materials to uphold a history of happy customers! The Henny is truly a force multiplier in the weight room. Hennything is possible!

The Henny Attachment with Everything Included

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$390.00Sale Price