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High Knee Marches

Movement: Metabolic Conditioning, Sprint Mechanics

Muscles Targeted: Hip Flexors, upper body stability

Set-up: 44 to 50” from the ground

Quick Tips: Body at sprint angle, arms fully extended, drive knees to chest, flex ankle

Mountain Climbers

Movement: Metabolic Conditioning, core

Muscles Targeted: Core

Set-up: 9-14” from the ground

Quick Tips: Hold bar in front of you with slight bend in elbows, walk out the bar but stay low, rapidly drive knees and shuffle feet forward

Bear Crawls with Hip Belt

Movement: Metabolic Conditioning, Stability

Muscles Targeted: Shoulders, core

Set-up: 4-10" from the ground

Quick Tips: Have palms directly under shoulders, hips level and knees close to ground, don’t cross over limbs- shuffle, control crawl back

Henny Resisted Hops

Movement: Metabolic Conditioning, Core, Stability

Area Targeted: Total Body 

Set-up: 6-12"from the ground or as low as comfortable

Quick Tips: Keep arms in a fixed position the entire time, keep core engaged and take 3-4 small hops forward, then take 3-4 controlled hop backwards to start

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